Gift Guide

Gift Guide

For Friends, Partners, and Family. Free gift wrapping from 11/17 - 12/31. We organized our products by price to help you choose the perfect gift.

Step Pants

Step Pants

Typical pants feel good when standing, but sit down or take the stairs and the pant legs bunch and pull, holding your legs back. Elastic fabric might help, but it easily loses its shape.



From melton wool to corduroy and insulated fabrics. Here are our Fall and Winter jackets.


Tab Button

We designed these buttons to be satisfying to use.


Snap Pad

The unique Snap Pad binding allows you to add any sheets to create a customizable notebook.



Our unique sleeves curve to the back to match the way the shoulders naturally move.

Wallet Guide

Wallet Guide

The perfect wallet feels great to use everyday.To help you choose we made a New Wallet Guide.


Bridge Bag

We noticed that bridges have supports to carry the weight where needed. Inspired by the way the supports were not hidden we created the Bridge Bag series of lightweight bags that evenly distribute weight to feel more balanced. Introducing the bridge bag.


Free Arm Shirt

Tailored workwear that allows remarkable movement crafted with soft, thick Japanese cotton fabric.<br>We offer a variety of fabrics to be worn all year round, regardless of the season. Here are the characteristics of each fabric, such as softness, thickness, and texture.


Rain Jacket

Postalco offers rain repellent jackets in Shear Dry Nylon (water repellent) and Proof Line Nylon (waterproof). Designed not to look like rainwear, these jackets can be used ...

For Travel

For Travel

Whatever the purpose of your travels, you’ll need stuff. What to bring?<br>Here are some recommendations from Postalco to accompany your excursions.