Our Step Pants

Typical pants feel good when standing, but sit down or take the stairs and the pant legs bunch and pull, holding your legs back. Elastic fabric might help, but it easily loses its shape.

We created the Step Pants to allow remarkable freedom. Comfortably sit cross-legged, take the steps two at a time, or ride a bike.


Why can pants be so uncomfortable? Why do I feel held back when riding a bike or climbing stairs? The design process for Step Pants started with this question: How can our daily tools (including clothes) make our lives more comfortable?

To better understand how the body moves, we asked biomechanics researchers advice on how our bodies move.

Pants restrict our movement often both while standing and sitting. If you look closely at people sitting on the train, you’ll see that their clothes are usually wrinkled or stretched tight from the waist to the thighs and knees.

We added a deep pleats at the front of Step Pants. When you move your legs naturally, these pleats expand so that your body is not held back by the clothing.


Details like functional pleats and side adjusters are all part of our architectural clothing construction.
These design details come together to create exceptional comfort.

Step Pants Tab Dense Cotton

・Ideal 3 season fabric
・Tight weave with a structured drape
・Lightweight fabric ideal for travel
・Washed finish

Light Gray is available for pre-sale

Step Pants Tab, Soft Canvas

・Comfortable to wear with a good thickness
・Canvas fabric that is both tough and soft
・Reinforced seam
・Washed finish

Step Pants Tab, Shear Dry Nylon

・Water repellent fabric for rainwear
・Matte texture
・Soft and breathable nylon fabric
・Zipper pockets
・Drawcord at hem
・Two pleat front
・Highly durable water repellent surface (DWR)

Available for pre-sale

Step Pants Light Denim

・Woven in the Fukuyama area by a traditional weaver of denim
・100% cotton Denim for durability
・Medium weight
・Washed finish

Available for pre-sale

Goodbye belt

Belts are medieval. No belt needed for this unparalleled comfort. Adjust these pants instantly for your perfect fit.

Wide waistband

Drawstrings and elastic can dig into the waist making us feel terrible. So we divided the waistband into separate front and back sections so they’ll be comfortable all day. The side is where the adjustment happens. The pleats created by cinching the sides only makes the pants feel more comfortable.

Tab Buttons

Unlike traditional buttons that can be difficult to grasp and push through fabric, the Tab Button unique design makes it satisfying to use.

More about our Tab Buttons here:

Front Pleat


Soft Canvas: Patch pockets
Shear Dry Nylon: Zippered pockets to prevent water intrusion
Dense Cotton: Set-in pockets with double-hemmed edges


{"type":"root","children":[{"type":"heading","level":6,"children":[{"type":"text","value":"Dense cotton and soft canvas with finished edge inside hem. Looks clean when rolled up.\nShear Dry nylon has a drawstring bottom edge for better closure in wet weather."}]}]}