About Postalco

Founded in Brooklyn, New York we are now based in Tokyo. Postalco has a passion for everyday objects and our relationships with them. Our logo is the carrier pigeon inspired by communication between people.
We began with accessories and then created many other items; including clothing, rainwear, pens, key holders, bags and others.

Based in Tokyo for over 20 years, we are dedicated to finding new ways to apply Japanese craft in daily life. Postalco products are created to be used by anyone - male or female, young or old, people from all walks of life worldwide. What sets Postalco designs apart is their supreme utility and ineffable warmth blended with the beauty of understatement.

Free Arm Wear
Many shirts make it hard to stretch or reach. You might have to wear a typical shirt for years until the material breaks down enough to be able to move comfortably. To enjoy the feeling of fabric without any rubbery elastane, from the first few moments of wear, Postalco invented Free Arm Wear.
Carefully sewn into unique shapes that don't restrict the way you reach, stretch, and move in daily life. Postalco's unique V-shaped pleats on the back mean ease of movement and flexibility. 

Leather is naturally soft so we never want to overpower the material with a construction that is too heavy. Wallets are made to carry bills and cards, both of which are pretty stiff. We keep our wallets soft so that only when cards are inserted, the wallet feels complete.

Bridge Bags
I like bridges and photographed them for years without really knowing why. I’d be inexplicably happy to see them and notice their differences.
A bridge has to be built as lightly as possible so as not to collapse under its own weight.
This gives bridges a certain honesty that other buildings don’t usually have. We wanted to make bags that are light, stable, and don’t hide their structure.

About Bridges
Gustave Eiffel who made the Eiffel Tower was a bridge specialist. To build what was then the world’s tallest tower he applied what he knew about bridge making. He really took a horizontal thing and made it vertical. Inspired by the way a bridge divides and balances weight, we made these lightweight bags that don’t hide their structure. There is a single layer of fabric supported with a series of webbing straps based on the structure of suspension bridges. 

Mineral Key Holder
Do keys really need to be on a ring? We like keys but wrangling them onto a key ring is never fun. Totem Key Holders have the distinct characteristic of lining up your keys in a row.

Stones remain the same
We are fascinated by the variety of minerals found in the crust of the Earth. So many brilliant colors in nature are changing all the time. The vibrant colors of plants, the blue sky, and sunset clouds are all temporary. Maybe we are attracted to stones because their colors are thousands of years old and will stay the same for thousands of years more?

Supporting independent and family run companies.
The craftspeople, suppliers, and small workshops found in Japan make things not to be found anywhere else. Their expertise is hard-won through years of experience, and then passed on to other craftspeople. We are fortunate to work with family businesses that are so focused on their craft. The passion woven into every product creates a human touch that can be sensed.

Ecologically Made in Japan
‘Mottainai' is the culture of not wasting. This also means making something well. All items are made in Japan where we are able to find exceptional attention to detail. We also develop a wide range of materials in Japan that are worth pouring time into to create items that will age beautifully. Our wood comes from managed forests in Hokkaido. Leather is vegetable tanned to avoid using the toxic chemicals used in other tanning methods. Fabrics are woven in Japan with tightly managed wastewater and carefully sourced fibers. Our washi paper is hand screened with renewable Kozo fibers and any remaining pulp is reused. Made in Japan means tight environmental regulations for beautiful products that are much easier on the environment.