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Inspired by the work of Alexander Calder, and in collaboration with the Calder Foundation in New York, we've made...

Free Arm Button Jacket 01 Solid Wool

our new Solid Melton Wool for the cold

Our Bridge Bags

Postalco Bridge Bags are made of a single layer of fabric supported inside with series of webbing straps based on the structure of suspension bridges. This gives the bag strength yet remains very light.

About Postalco

We started in 2000 in Brooklyn, NY and are now based in Tokyo for over 20 years.The best things are invisible. It's hard to explain why a favorite tool is so good. While using a great tool it's easier to focus on the task at hand. The tool itself almost seems to disappear. We feel fortunate to design products that people use every day.


Each person’s body is a center. Our arms move in a circular motion with the shoulders and elbows as center points. This seemingly simple structure gives rise to complex and beautiful movements. When your body moves smoothly, you can feel free. Matching these movements with the ideal materials, new products are born.

Make it last

We’re at a turning point where we can't just keep throwing everything away. Things that last a long time, and look good doing it, mean a less disposable daily life.

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