This is a guide to places nearby our shop in Kyobashi that we suggest to our friends. Click on the locations to find out more and link to the google map pages. We hope you’ll enjoy our selection as well as discover something unexpected.

Shirokiya Denbei

Shirokiya Denbei, founded in 1830, specializes in Edo-style brooms. 5 min walk from the Kyobashi shop.

Yamagataya Nori

In business for over 250 years since the Edo period, Yamagataya Nori offers a variety of dishes from rice balls and soup to main dishes, allowing you to fully enjoy the characteristics and flavors of each ingredient. We recommend making a reservation in advance to enjoy your meal in the relaxed space. Open 11:00-18:00 / Closed on weekends and national holidays. the rice & fish lunch is available at 11:30 and ends as soon as it is gone.

Nishikan Honten

5 minutes walk from the Kyobashi shop is Nishikan Honten tool shop. They're famous for their trowels but also supply excellent kitchen knives. Knife sharpening service available.

Imperial Palace East Garden

The Imperial Palace East Garden, which is open for limited dates and times allows you to explore historic sites such as Edo Castle Ruins and Japanese Gardens. 10 minutes from the Kyobashi shop by rental bicycle.

Old Kyobashi District Marker

The Kyobashi area, with its rich history of civilization, still retains many of its old original markers. The “Kyobashi District” used to include Ginza, Hatchobori, Tsukudoshima, Tsukishima and Kyobashi. Then in 1947 they were all merged together with the “Nihonbashi District” into modern day Tokyo Chuo Ward. The original marker in the photo is an 8-minute walk from Postalco Shop.

Menya Hyottoko

People often line up at the popular ramen shop Menya Hyottoko. Our favorite is their Yuzu ramen. 8 minutes walk from the Kyobashi shop. Open weekdays 11:00-20:00 Sat 11:00-19:00 Closed Sun.

Bus Terminal Tokyo Yaesu

Catch the hydrogen powered bus to Shibuya. Along the way pass through Ginza, Shimbashi and the center of Shinjuku. It takes a bit longer than the train, but you can enjoy a futuristic view of Tokyo from the windows as you purr along. Bus Terminal Tokyo Yaesu is a 2-minute walk from Postalco Shop. Three buses a day run to Shibuya.

European-style curry shop Rodan

Rodan is a European-style curry shop. This is the cutlet curry with cashew nut sauce. The curry’s well-balanced flavor goes well with the cutlet, smoked egg, and fried potatoes. 12 minute walk from the Postalco Kyobashi Shop.

Sumida River Cruising

Round-trip cruises from the Nihonbashi bridge dock. Other routes include Nihonbashi River, Sumida River, and Tokyo Bay. Enjoy the scenery, seasons, and the day and night cityscape. Reservations required. 13 minutes walk from the Kyobashi Shop to the dock.


Why is fried chicken in Japan so good? 3 minutes from the Kyobashi shop is Miyakodori. We recommend their Fried Chicken on Rice (Limited to 30 servings per day). Excellent with a sprinkling of shichimi spice and sansho mountain pepper.

Sandwich Koko

Under the elevated railway tracks between Tokyo Station and Yurakucho Station is Sandwich Coco, in business for more than 30 years. You can enjoy classic sandwiches carefully made with fresh ingredients eat-in or take-out. The tuna & egg is recommended. Six-minute walk from Postalco Shop.