Wallet Guide

Find your perfect wallet

Zipper Wallets

Holds more than any of our wallets. Open it and it's like a tiny collapsible file cabinet. Available in three sizes (thin, small, and long) and two materials (deerskin and goatskin).

Deerakin and Goatskin

Geology Goatskin

The earthy surface of this leather resembles tiny mountain ranges and river valleys as seen from above. These miniature landscapes are created by shrinking the leather. The naturally shrunken skin becomes smaller, giving the craftsmen less material to work with. Since shrunken leather is more dense, it is more durable. Irregular surfaces textures within each wallet mean each one is unique. 


Vegetable tanning and the fine texture of this leather creates a surface that looks like small pebbles or river sand. Compared with other leathers it is stronger and more flexible. The fine structure of the deerskin itself is the secret to this amazing soft surface.  

Small Wallets

We have never liked bulky wallets, which is why we have created small wallets for so many years. Perfect for everyday use and small enough to fit in a pocket without weighing you down. Here is a selection.

Inner Wallet Small Deerskin

Compact and flat. Well placed dividers keep everything from getting mixed up into wallet soup. Effortlessly switch from one bag to another so you won’t worry if you have the things you need. Two separate card holders to hold up to 10 cards.

Full Moon Wallet

Soft circular shape has a snap pocket on one side to hold cards and folded bills. The other side has a zipper pocket for coins. Also there is a small ring to attach keys inside.

Card Holder

Wrapped in a single piece of finished edge leather. Two inner pockets are flat but expand to hold an assortment of cards and folded bills. Perfect for carrying the essentials.

Flat Wallet

With four pockets this is our thinnest wallet. Pocket dividers securely hold your cards and folded bills. Holds up to 10 credit cards. Made using three types of leather—Crossgrain leather, calfskin, and pigskin.

Card & Coin Wallet

A compact wallet that expands to carry cards, bills, and coins.Card pocket fits 8-10 cards. Coin pocket on the opposite side can be used to carry coins or extra cards. Comfortably fits up to 8 cards. Cowhide and Pressed Cotton fabric.

Mini Wallet

ID, credit cards, a bit of cash and a few coins all encased in a slim wallet. Carefully crafted to be as thin as possible and still feel great in hand. Use it naturally without stressing over every small scratch.

Long Wallets

Minimal classic design that you will won't get tired of. Expands to carry cards, bills, coins and receipts. There is also a pocket on the outside.

Inner Wallet Long Deerskin

Compact and flat. Well placed dividers keep everything from getting mixed up into wallet soup. Effortlessly switch from one bag to another so you won’t worry if you have the things you need. Three separate card holders to hold up to 15 cards.

Long Wallet

Minimal exterior with expanding interior pockets. Constructed with three internal pockets, card slots, and a zipper coin pocket. Crossgrain leather with calfskin and pigskin lining. Swiss-made polished metal zippers for a smooth opening and closing.

Triple Case

Light long wallet with three main pockets for cash, cards, and coins. Cotton fabric lining added to inside pockets for durability. Our original cut brass snap closure has a texture inspired by the human fingerprint. Farmer’s Felt washi. Handmade in Japan.


Plastic and paper files fall apart under daily wear and tear. We wanted a file holder that would be the equivalent of the solid stationery we find in small shops. So, we made a leather and fabric envelope that closed with a string button.

Postcard Wallet

It's small enough to fit in a variety of bags, with three large pockets and a small inside pocket for cards.

Travel Wallet

Organizer for travel essentials. Expanding main pockets for your essentials like tickets, itineraries, passports, cards, and receipts.

Original button closure

We love this double button because it allows maximum expansion for a wide variety of contents. Our re-engineered button is held in place with brass rivets for strength. Also hidden on the back of the button are bumps to grasp the string for a secure closure every time.

Pen sleeve fits large diameter pens.