Carry All BW

Bamboo Wax Cloth
40 x 36 cm / 15.7 x 14"
10L / 350g

Comfortable handles
This soft bag fits the body, feeling natural anywhere. Perfect to carry the things you need day to day. Original Bamboo Wax Cloth and Mill Leather. The leather handle extends down the sides of the bag to help distribute the weight evenly making it more comfortable. Small inside pockets for phone, wallet and pens. Flat when empty. Zips closed. Handmade in Japan.

Bamboo Wax Cloth

Our original Bamboo Wax Cloth for strength and water resistance. Ecological bamboo fibers are visible giving this material its unique touch and slightly shimmering surface. We developed this fabric in Japan for Postalco bags. Lightweight and weather proof but made with natural fibers. The wax treatment means you don't need to worry about a little rain.

Why bamboo?

Bamboo is actually a kind of grass, but with superpowers. One of the fastest growing plants on Earth, it defying gravity with its impressive tubes. It absorbs carbon quickly as it grows. But bamboo is hard. That's what makes it strong. And also difficult to weave into fabric. But we wondered if we could use this ecological fiber to make bag fabric?

Creating Bamboo Wax Cloth

Bamboo fibers are twisted with cotton to create this thin but durable cloth. Wax is then soaked deep inside the material for water resistance. This is no ordinary material so weaving machines capable of dealing with this tough yarn are needed. That is why all this happens under the expert guidance of a fabric mill in Okayama, an area of Japan with over 300 years of fabric weaving history. Exceptionally tightly woven for durability and water resistance so there's no need to worry about the weather. Softens with use to improve over time.

Mill Leather

We chose this leather for its luxurious soft touch and the way it fits the body. Aniline dyed to preserve natural color variations that are the trademark of beautiful leather. Full grain cowhide. Leather certified to be sustainable and responsible: best practices in traceability, energy consumption, water usage, air quality, emission control and worker safety. Made in facilities certified by The Leather Working Group (LWG). Tanning completed with REACH compliant ingredients. (REACH is a regulation of the European Union that restricts chemicals, heavy metals, and pollutants in consumer products including leather items).

How We Dye Our Leather

There is quite a bit of variation from skin to skin and even within the same skin. The typical way to make leather color uniform is to cover the surface with thick synthetic fillers and pigment coatings, covering the natural variations in surface and color. Unfortunately this finish does not allow scratches to blend in or improve over time. Postalco leather is colored using aniline dyes. Aniline dyes soak into the leather leaving visible the natural variation in grain and texture. The more aniline dyed leather is used, the better the surface patina gets over time. Each skin is different: a faint stripe-like pattern, called ‘tora’ in Japanese is a natural effect due to the way the dye soaks into the various parts of the skin. Each skin’s ‘tora’ is different. Making this leather is more expensive and time consuming but produces beautiful leathers.


Leather and fabric webbing may fade with use and colors may bleed, especially when wet. If your bag gets wet gently blot it with a soft dry cloth. Do not wash this bag. Do not place in the dryer. To clean: Spot dry clean or wipe with a moistened soft cloth. Using water repellent spray made to be used with both leather and fabric. If the leather feels dry please use a mild creme (such as clear Delicate Shoe Cream) to replenish moisture. Be sure to use only clear cream as any color will rub off!

Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping may be a cloth bag or a paper bag. Wrapping materials used will vary depending on the product type and size. Please note that we are not able to accept requests for specific wrapping materials. If you would like to have multiple items wrapped together, or if you would like to wrap only some items, please tell us in the memo box. If you do not specify, we will wrap each item individually.

Example of what to write in the memo field:
"Notebook (light blue) and notebook (dark blue) gift-wrapped together, and Bag- gift-wrapped separately. etc. "

Order receipt
If you choose to receive gift wrapping, we will not include an order receipt that shows the price. Please contact us if you would like to receive a receipt by email.


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・Fits 13" or 14" MacBook Pro.
・Zips closed for security.
・Inside pocket: keep your cell phone, pens, small accessories, or wallet within quick reach.
・Adjust shoulder strap length with our original brass hardware.
・Leather handles for comfort
・Original Bamboo Wax Cloth. Mill Leather trim.
・Easy to grip Postalco zipper pull.
・Fits A4 size documents.

Carry by hand or on the shoulder
There are short handles to carry by hand and a long shoulder strap when you want to keep your hands free. The short handles are useful when you need to quickly pick up your bag. Shoulder strap length is adjustable from 55 - 97cm (21.5 - 38")

How much does this bag carry?
Example 1: A three ring binder, phone, wallet, book and drink.
Example 2: Macbook Pro 13”, charger, notebook, pencil case
Comfortably carry up to about 3kg (7lbs).

Packs Flat
Use while traveling or for everyday essentials.

Bridge Structure
We noticed that bridges have supports to carry the weight where needed. Inspired by the way the supports were not hidden we created the Bridge Bag series of lightweight bags that evenly distribute weight to feel more balanced.

Wax treated for water resistance
Water repellency treatment is fused directly into the fabric. No films or plastic sheets are glued to Bamboo Wax Cloth, allowing it to wear in to look better with use.

Learning from Japan
The craftspeople, suppliers, and small workshops found in Japan make things not to be found anywhere else. We are fortunate to work with family businesses that are so focused on their craft. Don’t put Postalco items on a shelf or in a drawer. Their beauty is revealed through daily use. They will help you feel good at home and be ready in a meeting.