Step Pants Tab Dense Cotton

Dense Cotton
Most pants don't keep up with the way we move.
We created the Step Pant to allow remarkable freedom. Comfortably sit cross-legged, take the steps two at a time, or ride a bike. Typical pants feel good when standing, but sit down or take the stairs and the pant legs bunch and pull, holding your legs back. Elastic fabric might help, but it easily loses its shape. Our unique three-dimensional patterning and deep front pleats allow for greater flexibility. Innovative waist adjustment system means maximum comfort all day long. Our pants cover 3 sizes in one pair, so you don't have to worry about finding the perfect fit. We made the Step Pant in a lightweight and tightly woven cotton that is pre washed for comfort the first time you wear them. Pants are the foundation of an outfit and these will feel good through the entire day. Zipper closure. Handmade in Japan.

・Lightweight fabric ideal for travel.
・Fits men & women.
・Pre washed for softness and fit the first time you wear them. This also reduces any shrinkage.
・No show through.
・No stretch material or elastic so they keep their shape longer.

Sized Small, Medium, and Large. Designed to fit various bodies and still look good. Unisex with size range from ladies’ small to mens’ large.

Please email us with your questions about size, fabric, or fit anytime.

Why do we make so few sizes?

We pattern our clothing to fit as many bodies as we can. Less size variation also means less wasted fabric and less overproduction.

Clothing for men? Or women?

Postalco items have always been non gendered. Beginning with the very first Legal Envelopes we made back in 2000.

Step Pants DC Swtch

Dense Cotton

Fine, tightly woven. 100% cotton fabric is breathable for comfort. No stretch fibers that lose shape so you can wear these longer. Lightweight with a paper-like texture that feels good next to your skin.
Pants get more wear and tear than shirts. This cotton fabric is crisp, firm, and has a slight luster.

・Ideal 3 season fabric.
・Tight weave with a structured drape.
・Woven at a mill with 70 years of experience.
・Made in Japan.


・Delicate machine wash 30℃ with like colors.
・Warm iron as needed, or dry clean.
・Do not bleach.
・Shade dry only, no tumble dry.
・100% cotton
・There is a small chance the color may crock or bleed, especially when wet.

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WIRED Vol.48

Why can pants be so uncomfortable? Why do I feel held back when riding a bike or climbing stairs? The design process for Step Pants started with this question: How can our daily tools (including clothes) make our lives more comfortable?

How they work
In typical pants every time you take a large step or pedal a bicycle, your leg is held back. You can’t move smoothly. In the Step Pant we engineered a deep pleat on the front that expands when the leg is lifted. When you are standing straight the pants drape down cleanly.

Goodbye belt
Belts are medieval. No belt needed for this unparalleled comfort. Adjust these pants instantly for your perfect fit.

Ever feel like your pants are trying to squeeze you to death?
These have a generous 12cm (4.7”) of adjustability to find the right fit at any moment.

Lightweight breathable cotton ideal for Spring, Summer and Fall.
Our Step Pant has a wide leg and front pleats. Side pockets, two back pockets.

Introducing the Tab Button.
We believe in the importance of refined craftsmanship and that small details make a difference in daily experiences.

Designing a Button
Unlike traditional buttons that can be difficult to grasp and push through fabric, the Tab Button unique design makes it satisfying to use.

Drawstrings and elastic can dig into the waist making us feel terrible.
So we divided the waistband into separate front and back sections so they’ll be comfortable all day. The side is where the adjustment happens. The pleats created by cinching the sides only makes the pants feel more comfortable.

These pants are made to be worn slouchy and low on the hips.
And they have a deep enough drop to wear at the waist height you like.

Finished edge inside hem.
Looks clean when rolled up.

Dense Cotton
Fine, tightly woven. 100% cotton fabric is breathable for comfort. No stretch fibers that lose shape so you can wear these longer. Lightweight with a paper-like texture that feels good next to your skin.

Learning from Japan
The craftspeople, suppliers, and small workshops found in Japan make things not to be found anywhere else. We are fortunate to work with family businesses that are so focused on their craft. Don’t put Postalco items on a shelf or in a drawer. Their beauty is revealed through daily use. They will help you feel good at home and be ready in a meeting.