<font color="#f7f6eb">Body-Centered 身体中心 (からだちゅうしん)</font>



How does your body feel right now? It is surprisingly easy to overlook how we physically feel in daily life. We want to recreate the connection between the things we use and our movements in a new and pleasant way. This is a Body-Centered approach, inspired by the body.

An exhibit of drawings and photographs expressing Postalco’s search for the ideal match between body movement and natural materials.
Now on view at Karimoku Commons Tokyo gallery.

Dates: Dec 13, 2021(Mon) - Feb 4, 2022(Fri)
*Mike Abelson and Yuri Abelson will be in the gallery on Saturday, January 15, 2022.
Venue: Karimoku Commons Tokyo
2-22-5 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0031. 10-minute walk from Exit A5 of Tokyo Metro Omotesando Station.
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Hours: 12:00-18:00
Tel: 03-6805-0655 
Sundays: closed
Saturdays: irregular
Closed: Dec 25, 29 - 31, Jan 1 - 9
*Reservations not required. In case of crowding reservations will be given priority.


We made our Solid Melton Wool for the cold.

Australian merino sheep grow their wool year round, consuming a simple blend of water, air, sunshine, and grass. Every year, these sheep produce a new fleece, making wool a completely renewable fiber that can be removed without harm to the animal.


Fit of Postalco Clothing

If all rocks and trees were the same shape, the world would be disturbingly boring. Our bodies vary. A person’s body changes over time, and even within a single day. If we want our clothes to last longer they should fit a larger range of bodies. Features like sleeves that roll up easily, offset shoulder seams, and shapes that drape allow our clothing to fit more people, more comfortably.

フリーアームボタンジャケット 01 ソリッドウール

Free Arm Button Jacket 01 Solid Wool

A classic cold weather jacket. Fitted for both men and women, this modular item will be one of your staples. This shirt can be worn over a sweater as a jacket or on its own as a shirt. Handmade in Japan.

Free Arm Wear

The simple movements of the joints combine to create complex and smooth movements. drawing: Mike Abelson
2021年のホリディシーズン限定「フィッシュパーソン / パーソンフィッシュ」ステッカー

Limited edition, letterpress printed Fish-Person / Person-Fish sticker.




We designed a cafe in Nakano. Introducing LOU.

Logo design by Yuri Abelson.


We made a huge wool ball.

Our wool insulation is certified by EgoTrace, an independent body in Switzerland. From sheep raised in the Alps, mostly in Norway and Switzerland, without abusive practices like mulesing.

Feeling a bit off today.

Feeling a bit off today.

Feeling a bit off today. 今日はちょっとずれてる感じ。


Tested! Snap Memo Pad.


Plastic free gift packaging.