Layered, Uni by Postalco

Precision writing tool.
Pencils, evolving for over 500 hundred years, feel great in the hand. Pens, while a newer idea, make it possible to write any time and any place. Designer Mike Abelson wanted a writing instrument that had the performance of a pen, but with the classic charm of a pencil. In this pen the ink cartridge is sandwiched between two layers, inspired by the way two pieces of wood encase the lead in a classic pencil. These layers form a comfortable grip and are the inspiration for the name Layered. The Layered Pen is designed by Postalco and engineered by Uni, Mitsubishi Pencil. The smooth Jetstream ink allows you to forget about the pen and watch the thoughts inside your mind carried through the pen, and out onto paper.

Design by Mike Abelson.

Uni by Postalco
Like the layers of wood that form a pencil, this pen is also made with layers skillfully combined to create this precision writing tool. At the core of the pencil is graphite, and at the core of the Layered pen is Jetstream ink.

About Uni, Mitsubishi Pencil
Established in 1887, Mitsubishi Pencil is a pioneer in writing instruments. Pursuing the highest standards of quality, innovation and technology their company statement is: The Finest Quality is the Best Service. A wide range of products are created with their experience and expertise in stationery within Japan and overseas.