THE CONRAN SHOP, Product Design

Handle Trashcan

Postalco was invited to participate in an event called "Case Study" organized by The Conran Shop. The brief was "to make an object to hold other objects."

Handle Trashcan: Imagine if instead of getting rid of trash on trash day, extra trash was added to our home? That would be terrible. On trash day morning I usually meet my neighbors as we put out our trash to be picked up. Everyone looks a little happier than usual. Maybe it is because throwing away trash is a relief? In a tidy city like Tokyo where there are few public trash cans the trash pick-up days are important days not to miss. This wastepaper basket is made with heavy industrial grade paper board that is riveted and nailed to a wooden back board. It is just the right size to fit neatly next to a desk or in a room corner. Using the handle allows a better than usual view of the trash being emptied, making it even more satisfying to throw out our trash. It can also be used for storing magazines or tennis balls."