Alishan Peanut Butter

Package Design

Jack, the founder of Alishan, is passionate about peanut butter and wanted to give a special jar as a 30th anniversary gift to friends. Each jar is wrapped in custom printed fabric made to be later used as a handkerchief. The fabric features a drawing and Jack’s thoughts on peanuts and peanut butter. The deep red label color was inspired by Alishan’s iconic barn. This project combines Alishan’s philosophy of organic food and Postalco’s ideas of making. Even though we specialize in different fields we have so many common passions. This special edition is available in selected Alishan retailers.

Design by Yuri Abelson.

Alishan Organic Center
Alishan’s red barn is nestled in the foothills of Hidaka, Saitama. In 1987, Jack and Fay found this nature-rich area to be the perfect place to share difficult-to-find organic and vegetarian food that they had collected from around the world. Today, you can enjoy sumptuous healthy meals on the cafe’s deck which sits right next to the Koma River, leisurely shop for nourishing ingredients to prepare your own feasts at home, or take part in the our range of events throughout the year.