Mineral Key Holder
Since the keys are grouped on a single brass rod, they can be arranged in the same direction. Even within the same type of stone, there are natural variations in colors and patterns. Each stone is cut and finished by hand giving every piece a unique shape.

Kettle Zipper Wallet
Holds more than any of our wallets.

Mail Bag Small
Classic bag that never goes out of style.We want to make bags that you go back to like a favorite lunch or a good friend.
Full Moon Wallet
Soft circular shape has a snap pocket on one side to hold cards and folded bills. The other side has a zipper pocket for coins. Also there is a small ring to attach keys inside. It all fits in one.
Snap Pad
The unique Snap Pad binding allows you to add any sheets to create a customizable notebook.
Keep it full of paper and kids or adults can make drawings whenever the mood strikes.