Postalco Shop Kyobashi

Visit us to see all Postalco items in one place. We love the feel of the natural materials in our products and here they can all be experienced in person.

2-2-1 1FL Kyobashi Chuo Tokyo 104-0031
Located above Kyobashi Station (Exit 8). It is also a 5 minute walk from Tokyo Station (Yaesu South Exit) and Ginza 1-Chome Station (Exit 7).

Mon - Sun / 11am - 7pm

Postalco shop accepts the credit cards and e-money listed below:

Credit Cards:
Master Card, Visa, JCB,
American Express, Diners Club, Discover

Smart Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Rechargeable Train Passes (Suica, Pasmo, etc.),
Rakuten Edy, Nanaco, Id, Quicpay, etc.

Postalco is a Tax Free shop.

Climb the steps, put bills in your wallet, water the fabric.

The spirit of craftsmanship permeates from the product to the space.
— Shoten Kenchiku
Practical, yet warm and welcoming craftsmanship.
— OZmagazine No.579
I am always impressed by his interest in various things and his ability to solve questions that arise from his interest.
— Kurashi no Techo No.498