We are obsessed with the design of objects in our daily lives.

Postalco is an independent design studio creating products based in Tokyo, Japan for over 20 years. We're committed to return meaning to daily tools in an age of increasing disposability.

Design Process

Squeezed to death… by pants?
We shop with our eyes. But maybe it's better to let our bodies decide?
Postalco makes clothes that allow a free range of motion. We invented a new kind of shirt and pants that don't hold you back when you reach to tie your shoes or jump on a bike.

Free Arm Wear
Carefully sewn into unique shapes that don't restrict the way you reach, stretch, and move in daily life. Postalco's unique V-shaped pleats on the back mean ease of movement and flexibility. 


We are dedicated to finding new ways to apply Japanese craft in daily life.

Three Pack

Kettle Zipper Wallets

Mineral Key Holders

Mail Bags

Postcard Wallets

Channel Point Pens

Snap Pads


One Year Wall Calendar


Mineral Key Holder
men’s Fudge No.96

Free Arm Shirt
Axis Magazine Cover

Step Pants DC
Wired No.48

Rain Cape
Popeye No.869 Cover