Studio activities encompass product design, packaging, interior, exhibitions, creative direction, website, branding, and book design.

Why do we develop an affection for some objects over others?
If people were interested only in function, then any tool that works would be the same. Things we choose to surround ourselves with might have meaning because they are a gift from a friend or maybe we like the way they feel. We are inspired by the way a well-designed object can almost become a ‘collaborator’ in daily life.

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The Studio

An idea may strike at any moment, anywhere. The studio is a place where invisible thoughts and discussions take physical form. This is the home of our library (yes, paper books) and our archives. It is also where all of our projects come together.

Our Bodies Are Incomplete

Humans don't have claws or fur, so we need to make up for what’s missing with objects. People are complex and our needs are layered. If the objects we use are well made, they will last longer and we won’t need as many of them. ‘Less but better’, as Dieter Rams said. The tools we touch every day should not only work, but also age well. Pictured is "Tool Roots", a window installation for Maison Hermes Ginza.

Colors Universe

Josef Albers said that if 50 people hear the color ‘Red’, you can expect that there will be 50 reds in their minds. And you can be sure that all these reds will be very different. Color is much more than the optical mechanics of the eye but connected deeply to our associations and how we feel. We believe there is a connection between certain colors and forms and love finding materials and colors that feel just right in hand.

Who are We?

Mike Abelson

Born in Los Angeles, California. Studied product design at Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. Moves to New York in 1997 to design the Jack Spade product collection and brand concept. Based in Tokyo for over sixteen years he has worked with a wide variety of clients including Calder Foundation, Sunspel, The Conran Shop, Issey Miyake, and Maison Hermès.

Yuri Abelson

Native of Tokyo. She honed her skills studying Graphic Design in both Los Angeles and Switzerland at Art Center College of Design. She then worked in New York on branding projects for several years. In 2000 she cofounded her own company, Postalco. Yuri crafted the visual identity for Postalco and continues today as its creative director. Working with clients she draws inspiration from photography and print to communicate the spirit of each product.

Postalco Shop Kyobashi

Touch is underestimated. Especially when choosing an object that you will live with every day. We love the feel of the natural materials we painstakingly produce and here they can all be experienced in person. This is a room for visitors to take their time and explore. Visit us to see all Postalco items in one place.


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Relevant Craft

Traditional craft forms a solid core of life in Japan. It is our role to find new and relevant ways to incorporate that craft in tools to help you live life to your fullest potential. Shown here are prototypes for the Farmers Felt Double Case.

Package Design

Ground coffee may not be impressive looking on its own, even though it can give its drinkers a remarkable experience. An essential role of packaging is to express the soul hidden inside. Postalcoffee is a package design we created for a single serving pour over coffee made by local cafe Be A Good Neighbor Coffee. We wanted to capture the power of the bean itself.

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