Handle Box

Handle Box
15 x 26 x 47cm / 5.9 x 10.2 x 18.5"
Storage box crafted with a solid wood handle.
Handles. They make it possible to open doors and carry a huge variety of things. Boxes. They organize stuff that would otherwise be scattered everywhere. The Handle Box is a convenient combination of a good box along with a solid handle. Keep the things you like within arm’s reach. Box and human are connected by the handle. Handmade in Japan.
Brick Red Fiber Board / Chestnut Wood.
Park Green Fiber Board / Walnut Wood.
Gray Fiber Board / Chestnut Wood.
Navy Fiber Board / Birch Wood.

Solid Chestnut and Walnut

Three types of wood are used in the Handle Box: chestnut, walnut, and birch. We chose these woods because they are light and have beautiful grain. Raised and harvested from certified and managed forests in Japan. Enjoy the patina that develops over time.

Strong and light Fiber Board

This is not ordinary paper. Developed in Japan over 50 years ago as an alternative to metal or plastic. Fiber Board is compressed layers of wood fiber and recycled paper. Its extremely high density makes it much stronger than ordinary cardboard. Made in an ISO 14001 certified facility. Sturdy for use every day. Light for carrying it around.
Fiber Board is easily affected by temperature and humidity and may deform and change shape. Please avoid using the product in high temperature and high humidity.

How should I care for this wood?

Everyday care: Wipe with a soft dry cloth. When solid wood furniture is correctly maintained over the years the wood will acquire a beautiful patina. Solid wood is a living material that is affected by daylight, temperature and humidity. Solid wood furniture should not be placed too close to heat sources such as wood-burning stoves or radiators. Solid wood is also affected and dried by direct sunlight. This may cause irregular color change.

How should I care for the Fiber Board?

Everyday care: Wipe off any surface dust with a soft, dry cloth. If the surface is heavily soiled, use a cloth soaked in diluted neutral detergent to lightly remove dirt, and then wipe off the detergent with a cloth soaked in water. Then, daub area with a dry cloth and let it air dry in the shade or indoors. Do not use solvents (thinner, benzene, alcohol, etc.).

Can I get my Handle Box wet?

The Fiber Board is treated with a light coating on the surface, but it is not water repellent, so keeping it wet for a long time can cause it to deform or grow mold. Please avoid using the product in high temperature and high humidity. Fiber Board, in particular, is easily affected by temperature and humidity and may deform and change shape.

Is there anything I should be careful about when using it?

Please avoid using this product in high temperatures and high humidity.
・Direct exposure to sunlight may cause discoloration and deformation of both wood and Fiber Board.
・Do not use near heaters, wood stoves, or other heat sources, or near fire.
・Do not put too many heavy things in the box. The metal fittings may come off or the Fiber Board may be damaged.
・Do not use the product for any purpose other than its original purpose.
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I'm home. No.114
an•an No.2294
Precious Sept. 2022

At home or in the office
The Handle Box at work. Holds documents and stationery, or use as a wastebasket for paper scraps. It is relaxing to have something made of wood in your office.

Wood Variations
Each handle consists of several pieces of joined wood so surface variations become part of the beauty of this natural wood grain. We intentionally allow the natural grain to show, so wood tones vary from box to box. 
Gray Fiber Board / Chestnut Wood. 
Navy Fiber Board / Birch Wood.

Fits books and magazines
Books and magazines you want to read fit in the Handle Box. Shaped to hold slightly oversized magazines. The top edge is slanted, so you can see what's inside. You can move it around the house to read wherever you want.

Between round things there will always be gaps. But squares fit perfectly. They look neat in a corner of a room, on a wall, or placed side by side. For things you want to keep handy, like slippers or yarn.

A material that blends in with your life.
It is comfortable to have something made of wood. Especially solid wood. The Handle Box and our Mogul Ski Chair share details and finishes. The box handle and chair frame are the same diameter, so they look natural together.

Touch test
It looks good, but when you touch and hold it, you realize how warm wood feels. To emphasize the natural wood grain we applied a traditional technique called uzukuri, a specialty of Karimoku. The handle makes it easy to lift without having to bend down.

Toy Box
Keep children’s favorite toys and treasures within reach and neatly organized.

Body Friendly Materials
If you're going to use something every day, it should be made from materials that are healthy. Karimoku uses finishes and materials that do not contain toxic chemicals, and have cleared the most stringent standards in Japan with regard to formaldehyde, which is known to cause the sick house syndrome.

Hardwood from Japan
The solid wood handle is made of domestic hardwood. We chose three types of hardwood, chestnut and walnut, which are both light and strong. They feel good to touch and hold. The more you use this box, the more it will naturally fit your home and your hands.

Postalco and Karimoku
The Handle Box, originally a very limited run, is back after 10 years. Thanks to Karimoku's technical capabilities, we now have a much improved structure. Designed by Postalco. Built by Karimoku.

The "Moku" in Karimoku Furniture is the wood of woodworking.
The history of Karimoku Furniture, Japan's leading manufacturer of wooden furniture, can be traced back to a lumberyard that dates back to the Edo period. Since its founding, the company has continued to pursue woodworking that fully demonstrates the skills and sensibilities of its craftsmen through furniture making still produced in Japan.

Karimoku and Trees
Trees grown in properly managed forests. Japan hardwoods, which have long been considered difficult to use, are carefully finished with Karimoku's superior technology. By rethinking the value of wood, we support the forestry industry. Enriching the relationship between forests and people.

The good thing about having a handle
It's so satisfying to empty everything at once. With the handle, it’s easy. You can collect paper scraps from the office and then dump them into the trash. Or use it like a dustpan. Made for carrying.

Handle Research Continues
For The Fab Mind exhibit we explored handles as a way to understand more about our daily companion, the hand. We’re fascinated by how humans carry things. The flexible human hand is able to grasp many different objects but handles make the fit perfect. It is as if the hand and the handle are having their own conversation. (The Fab Mind exhibition was held at 21_21 Design Sight, the Miyake Issey Foundation).

Solid Chestnut and Walnut
Two types of wood are used in the Handle Box: chestnut and walnut. We chose these woods because they are light and have beautiful grain. Raised and harvested from certified and managed forests in Japan. Enjoy the patina that develops over time.

Learning from Japan
The craftspeople, suppliers, and small workshops found in Japan make things not to be found anywhere else. We are fortunate to work with family businesses that are so focused on their craft. Don’t put Postalco items on a shelf or in a drawer. Their beauty is revealed through daily use. They will help you feel good at home and be ready in a meeting.