Chikara Matsumoto's exhibition is now on view at Postalco Shop. Please come and see his hand drawn animation, Space Boxes, and Picture-Scroll Machine.

Chikara Matsumoto at Postalco Shop
We were inspired by Chikara’s animations from the moment we saw them. Beautiful effects result from his hand-drawing each frame on recycled paper backlit on a lightbox.  These animations transport the viewer to alternate worlds.

Your pen drawing on a newsprint sheet has the sound of a cello. A handmade cello that is a little out of tune. When it starts to jump around, like a cartoon, you can't help but be carried along.
Oh, here comes Chikara, around the corner and straight ahead like an angel falling from somewhere. - Makoto Saeki
About Matsumoto Chikara
Painter and video animation artist. He produces video works by hand-drawing each frame on recycled paper, using a unique animation technique in which he backlights his drawings on a light box. Based in Tokyo, Japan.
Chikara Matsumoto for POSTALCO
We made a special edition Snap Pad with the drawings of Chikara Matsumoto on the cover. Limited quantity. 

It's Just Paper
“It's Just Paper” project explores the potential of a single sheet of paper. Issue #010 features Chikara Matsumoto. -available free at the Kyobashi shop. Thank you Makoto Saeki for the text!

With or Without You / night night

Animation: Chikara Matsumoto
Music: Organ-O-Rounge, "night night"


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