New page. Clear mind.
Wallets, bags, and stationery are daily essentials. Here are some of our favorites.

Card Holder

Wrapped in a single piece of finished edge leather.
Put your own business cards in one pocket and ones you receive in the other. Designed in 2003, the Card Holder is one of our earliest products. A staple used by many people.

Pen Case

A pencil box is the smallest desk.
With a pencil box, wherever you are, it's possible to get some work done. It's hard to find a pencil box that doesn't get in the way but still holds all the things you need.

Flat Pack BW

Sleek backpack for work and weekend.
How many times in a day do you open your bag? This pack has an original handle that connects to the zipper to make opening your bag effortlessly smooth. Beautiful leather straps feel great on your shoulders.

Channel Point Pen

Focus on expressing
Ballpoint pens are to a writer what oxygen tanks are to a diver. A pen that doesn't write smoothly is like having to come up for air every 30 seconds. The tanks take the diver further under the ocean and a ballpoint allows the writer to focus more deeply on expressing.

Full Moon Wallet

Soft circular shape has a snap pocket on one side to hold cards and folded bills.
The other side has a zipper pocket for coins. Also there is a small ring to attach keys inside.


Mineral Key Holder

Natural stones combined with cut solid brass hardware.
Organize your keys. Placing your most used keys on the outside edges make them easy to find even without looking. Even within the same type of stone, there are natural variations in colors and patterns. Each stone is cut and finished by hand giving every piece a unique shape.


A notebook is a coral reef for your ideas.
In a coral reef, fish sleep under a ledge, an octopus hides in a cave, and shrimp scale the walls. Coral is a perfect habitat because of the many spaces it creates. A small notebook also has a surprisingly large amount of surface area. Your thoughts find homes in the caves, ledges and crevices of a notebook. Your ideas take new directions, echo off each other, and make new connections. A notebook is a coral reef for your ideas.

Snap Pad

Everyone has their own way of using the Snap Pad.
We've seen people use these for habit tracking, file folders, menus, meeting notes, and tons of other purposes. The Snap Pad allows for functions to be discovered by the person using it. Writing something down allows us to think better. The spontaneous mixture of previous and current thoughts is what keeps the flow of ideas going.