Tab Button

We designed these buttons to be satisfying to use.
Unlike traditional buttons that can be difficult to grasp and push through fabric, the Tab Button is a button with a handle.


The handle is designed to be easy to grip. Even when you’re wearing gloves. The Postalco logo is engraved on the front.


Rounded shapes mean it does not catch or snag the fabric.


Unlike normal sewn buttons, tab buttons are attached with rivets. Rivets have a sturdy metal joint that is often used to strengthen workwear.

This button design began with the frustration of opening and closing small buttons.

Closing buttons using the fingertips of both hands can be difficult. We thought, “There must be a different way to do this.”
There are a variety of tiny handles in the world. For pinching, pulling and turning. But we couldn’t find the right one for our clothes.
After making many prototypes we finally created the button that makes opening and closing a little more satisfying. This is how the Tab Button was born.