Snap Pad

The unique Snap Pad binding allows you to add any sheets to create a customizable notebook. Personal and work plans can be combined discreetly together, giving you a place to house all your tasks, sketches, fitness tracking, or whatever is important to you. Limit distractions and return to mindfulness with paper. The refillable Snap Pad, calendar, and accessories help us balance digital with paper to make each day more meaningful.


Snap Pad SQ

This fabric is made with the same machines that were used to make tent fabric. There is a light water resistant treatment. Cotton is a natural material so slubs and irregularity in the fibers are part of its character.

All Leather Snap Pad

Available in Crossgrain Leather and Soft Cowhide. All Leather Snap Pad, which allows the leather to change over time as it is used, makes an ideal gift.

Snap Pad Accessories

You can choose from your favorite colors, sizes, and materials.

Snap Pad

The Snap Pad refillable notebook is now a calendar.
Each sheet shows one month with note taking lines on the backside so you can keep track of upcoming events or record things after they happen.

Steno Paper

We came across stenographer paper and immediately liked the centerline for taking notes. It is quicker taking notes in a narrow column since you don't have to move your hand all the way from the far right back to the left side each time to start a new line. Stenographers' special abbreviated alphabets and tools are made to write at lightning speed to perfectly record a conversation as it unfolds. Steno paper also works well for To Do lists.

Snap Paper Pin-graph, Plain

There are two types of Snap Papers: Postalco's oroginal 1mm Pingraphs and plain.

Snap Memo Pad

A place to keep meeting notes together. This notebook snaps into the Snap Pad. It’s as flat as possible to leave space for the other pages. This unique construction allows notes to be made easily while inside the Snap Pad.

Snap Pocket

The asymmetrical flap is easy to open while secured in the Snap Pad. The flap can be tucked inside to form an open pocket or closed to keep your items safe. Tickets, postcards, business cards, invitations, feathers, receipts—keep them all here.

Fabric Tabs

An accent that adds organization. At work, with friends, or even by yourself, digging around trying to find something doesn't feel good. That is the beauty of a tab—one finger can take you to the exact thing you want. Tip: attach to a blank sheet to use in different locations. Can write on tabs with pen, permanent marker, or pencil.


Pressed Cotton

This fabric is made with the same machines that were used to make tent fabric. The base color of the white threads will become more apparent and it will soften with use.

Snap Buttons

The brass snap buttons will gain in texture as they are used.

Snap Pad sets at the Postalco Shop, with the freedom to customize your own set as you wish. Leather Snap Pads can also be made into sets.

To be honest, using miscopies has not been something I have been willing to do. This "Snap Pad" makes me want to use it.

I guess this is the power of design.
— pen-info
>> from pen-info "Button-type clipboard".