This collection of photographs was taken in Aberdeen, Washington. The bleak but beautiful American landscape through the lens, capturing with delicacy and realism the ordinary life scenes of suburbanites and the mythical wilderness. Patrick is a collection of photographs by Naohiro Ogawa.

Postalco Shop is pleased to present Patrick an exhibition of photographs by Naohiro Ogawa from April 20 (Sat) to May 12 (Sun).

During the exhibition, in addition to works from the Patrick photo book, original prints not included in the book will be available for order. Please stop by.

The book “Patrick” is available in our online store.

Naohiro Ogawa

Born in 1987 in Tokyo Japan. Naohiro worked at Aoyama studio In Tokyo.Then he studied under photographer Yoshihiko Ueda. In 2019 Naohiro became an independent photographer. He creates and lives in a neighborhood of U.S base house in Fussa Tokyo. His portraits focus on people’s everyday life.