Our design process begins with paper prototypes. Why paper? If we can make something comfortable in paper, we’re sure that it will be better in fabric. This first step bridging idea to product.

When the collar is turned up, it is designed to softly wrap around the neck and shut out the cold. It can also be folded up to make a shawl collar.

Why a zipper pouch at a 45° angle? We like the way it looks. Also it makes it effortless to reach your stuff. We also added hidden side seam hand warmer pockets.

Wear Testing Paper

I wear these paper prototypes. They have to cover the extremes of the body’s reach. And still fit. I see how much I can move while wearing a prototype like this. I cut and paste these into monster like collages while on the body. Write all over them.

No buttons or straps on the cuffs so they can be rolled up to stay out of the way.

We developed this construction to allow exceptional range of arm motion for action and comfort. One continuous piece of fabric covers the arms from hand to hand allowing more flexibility. 

Solid Wool

Our original melton fabric is made of 100% Australian Merino wool. This lightweight, yet highly insulating fabric provides a soft layer of warmth and comfort.
Free Arm Button Jacket in the same material is also available.

Collar Coat Solid Wool

In stock Aug 2024.
You will receive a 10% discount on the pre-order offer from Mar 22 to Apr 7.

M, L
Black, Navy, Walnut

Free Arm Button Jacket 01 Solid Wool

Wear over a sweater as a jacket. Or on its own as a shirt.

S, M, L
Black, Navy, Walnut, Charcoal Gray