For Travel

Whatever the purpose of your travels, you’ll need stuff. What to bring?
Here are some recommendations from Postalco to accompany your excursions.

Travel Bag BW

Lightweight bag strong enough to carry a full load.
Its self-supporting structure, yet lightweight, makes it ideal for travel. The construction, inspired by the structure of a bridge, gives the bag strength while reducing its weight. The opening can also be closed with a zipper. Made of original Bamboo Wax Cloth for durability and water repellency. Fits a 13", 14" or 16" MacBook Pro. Fits A3 size (11 x 17" documents). Zips closed. Handmade in Japan.

Flat Pack BW

Our Free Arm Shirt 02 Light Cotton is perfect for the upcoming summer weather.
This paper-like lightweight natural cotton is created in Japan. The special weaving technique applied alternates between highly twisted yarns and intentionally looser twist yarns creates a unique ‘dry’ touch. Made in a Japanese workshop with over 40 years of experience.

Travel Wallet

Organizer for travel essentials
Expanding main pockets for your essentials like tickets, itineraries, passports, cards, and receipts. You can organize your travel-related items.

Three Pack BW

Medium-sized backpack for easy access to things
When everything ends up in one large backpack pocket, it's like a basketful of fish; hard to find the one thing wanted. This backpack is divided into three large individual compartments to keep contents in easy to access zones.

Dopp Kit

Everything has an opposite.
Dark and light. Hard and soft. Sharp and round. Sweet and sour. Two pouches connected by a strap so you can store small items separately for different purposes. You’re always ready to go when keeping your things together in this Dopp Kit.

Carry All

Travel light
Short handles to carry by hand. Long strap to keep your hands free. Pack this Carry All in your suitcase as backup when traveling.

Snap Pad

Thinking freely to plan a better future
The unique Snap Pad binding allows you to add any sheets to create a customizable notebook. You can combine and organize travel plans, records, personal notes, and work schedules, or whatever is important to you.

Boxer Jacket PL

Clean shape jacket
Three season waterproof shell that breathes well for Summer use and can also be worn over a sweater in the Spring and Fall. The wear can be rolled up from the bottom and stored in the hood, so it can be kept in a bag to cope with sudden rain.

Triangle T

It can be worn like a light knit when it is chilly.
Signature triangle closure conceals button. Great for layering with crew neck T. The fabric is prized for its silky, extra-long fibers. 100% organic cotton is the critical ingredient in a T of remarkable strength and softness.