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Tell: 03-6262-6338
Email: webshop@postalco.com






Tell: 03-6262-6338
Email: webshop@postalco.com


Tell: 03-6262-6338
Email: webshop@postalco.com





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Can my item be repaired?

A.Only authorized Postalco products can be repaired. Please contact us at the address below for details.
Postalco Shop
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Email: webshop@postalco.com

How do you ship?

All deliveries within Japan are shipped with Yamato Transport. The Japanese Post Office is an option for some products.
(If it is difficult to drop it in the mailbox due to its size, it will be shipped by Yamato Transport.) For details, please see our User Guide.

What are the shipping fees within Japan?

If your order is 11,000 yen or more, not including shipping charges, shipping is free. If the total order is less than 11,000 yen, a flat rate of 750 yen will be charged for any destination in Japan. Delivery by post office is a flat rate of 380 yen.

Can you deliver overseas?

International shipping is available.
The conditions are different from those for domestic shipping.
Please select the "English" language option at the top of our website and check the Shopping Terms.

How long does it take for orders to ship?

We will ship most orders in 2-3 days. Please note that during busy times, it may take a few more days. For international orders, please allow a few extra days for orders placed on weekends and holidays.

Which payment methods can I choose?

You can choose from four different methods: cash on delivery, credit card (MASTER, VISA, AMEX), bank transfer, and PayPal.
Express check-out is available.
(Your payment and shipping information can be saved to enable you to complete your next order quickly.)

I’d like to get a product I saw in a magazine.

If you have any questions about the magazine, please contact us at the following address.
Postalco Shop
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E-Mail: webshop@postalco.com

Do you gift wrap?

We offer free gift wrapping. Please specify which items you’d like gift wrapped on the product page.

Can I have a message card or paper bag included?

Please let us know in the memo box during the checkout process.
We can wrap several items together or individually, so please fill in the details.

My item is a gift, so can you leave out the receipt?

When you order gift wrapping, we do not include prices on the receipt enclosed with your order.
If you would like to receive a receipt that shows the price, please write it in the memo box when you place your order or contact us at the address below.
Postalco Shop
Tel: 03-6262-6338
Email: webshop@postalco.com

I would like to return or exchange an item.

Please contact us in advance at the following email address or phone number within 7 days from the date of delivery to return or exchange the product.
Postalco Shop
Tel: 03-6262-6338
Email: webshop@postalco.com Returns or exchanges due to the customer's preference, both shipping and handling charges will be covered by the customer.
Please refer to the Shopping Terms for details.

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国内発送のみ¥11,000以上で送料無料We Ship Worldwide

モンクジャケット Monk Jacket

<span class="lang-ja--display">モデル身長: 176cm 着用サイズ: S</span><span class="lang-en--display">Height: 176cm / 5’9”  Wearing size: S</span> モデル身長: 176cm 着用サイズ: SHeight: 176cm / 5’9” Wearing size: S
<span class="lang-ja--display">モデル身長: 164cm 着用サイズ: S</span><span class="lang-en--display">Height: 164cm / 5’5”   Wearing size: S</span> モデル身長: 164cm 着用サイズ: SHeight: 164cm / 5’5” Wearing size: S

モンクジャケット Monk Jacket

Tax included.
¥57,000 JPY+tax
Regular price
Sale price
Unit price
Japan Retail Price / Wholesale Price

Min Qty: 4
Late August Delivery
¥57,000 JPY+tax
Regular price
Sale price
Unit price
Japan Retail Price / Wholesale Price

Min Qty: 4
Late August Delivery

Surround yourself in a cloud of warmth and comfort

This is the kind of jacket that you don't want to take off. Even indoors. Wool insulation means a lightweight and breathable jacket that will keep you warm. Closes with our custom horn buttons. It fits loosely. We developed this shape for exceptional free range of motion for action and comfort.

Clean shape

Free from extra straps and zippers. It took several prototypes to achieve this jacket's freedom of movement. Sleeves are cut to stay out of the way.

Long Life

Wearing this item as a layer allows it to work with more outfits, thereby increasing its lifetime.

Matte Finish Buttons

Our custom made matte horn buttons securely close the jacket.

Cozy hand warmer pockets

Hand warmer pockets hidden in the side seam are not noticeable until you need them. Side vents improve motion.

Inside phone pocket

Spiral shoulder

Angled pleats on back for maximum movement.

Carefully tailored in Japan

Crafted in a workshop that has over 30 years of experience.

Free Arm construction

We developed this construction to allow exceptional range of arm motion for action and comfort. This is a tailored jacket that can be worn for any activity. This includes remarkable comfort on a bicycle commute. Movement is freedom.

Keep warm

Soft 100% cotton lining for warmth and all-day comfort. Inside pocket to keep a phone or other small essentials within easy reach.

Ripple Fabric

Small ripples similar to those in the surface of a lake give depth and softness to this fabric. Created in Japan this is tightly woven cotton and nylon. Cotton for softness. Nylon for durability. This carefully balanced combination means comfort worn anywhere. Extremely fine long staple cotton is needed for this exceptionally tight weave.

Water Resistant

Don't worry about stains or a light rain. After 30 test washes the water resistance is still effective. Non-fluorine water resistant treatment reduces environmental impact.

Millions of air pockets

Heat comes from right inside our body. The jacket only keeps our warmth from floating away. It traps a layer of air around you. Millions of air pockets are trapped next to your skin by the natural shape of wool fibers. Wool is one of the world's most technically advanced materials.


Sweating regulates our body temperature but wear clothing that doesn't breathe and you might find yourself soaked from drying sweat. The natural properties of wool give odor-resistance and breathability.

Not Down

Problem: down is often pulled from live birds. The only way to be sure that birds are not being mistreated for our jackets is not to use down at all.

Animal Friendly

From sheep raised in the Alps, most in Norway and Switzerland, without abusive practices like mulesing. Our wool insulation is certified by EgoTrace, an independent body in Switzerland. Set up for farms committed to protecting the welfare of their sheep. You can wear this with good conscience.

Free Arm Wear logo wood block carving.

Learning from Japan

The craftspeople, suppliers, and small workshops found in Japan make things not to be found anywhere else. We are fortunate to work with family businesses that are so focused on their craft. Don’t put Postalco items on a shelf or in a drawer. Their beauty is revealed through daily use. They will help you feel good at home and be ready in a meeting.