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Tell: 03-6262-6338
Email: webshop@postalco.com


Tell: 03-6262-6338
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ノートブック フロー A5 Notebook Flow A5

Keep your thoughts


ノートブック フロー A5 Notebook Flow A5

Keep your thoughts

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Min Qty: 5
A5(21 × 14.8cm)/ 8.3 x 5.8"
Regular price
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Japan Retail Price / Wholesale Price

Min Qty: 5
A5(21 × 14.8cm)/ 8.3 x 5.8"


People describe an experience of diving deeply into an activity as flow. Every once in a while you can enter a 'flow state' when everything clicks and almost effortless but quick progress is made. This pattern shows the satisfying energy and connectivity we feel while in flow. 

Emboss printed with traditional printing processes on Pressed Cotton fabric and then bonded to the covers of these notebooks. Made in Japan.

Flow series

Our Flow series Notebooks are available in three different sizes. Spiral bound in special edition black.

In the flow

This is the original Flow pattern that was drawn on a Snap Pad by Sid.

How do you feel when you're in a flow state? Does time slow down or speed up?


Pressed Cotton fabric cover

Starch-pressed cotton is bonded to the cover of these notebooks. The colors will lighten with use and the weave of the fabric will become more apparent. The fabric is water-resistant treated.

Write down your thoughts

A standard since 2004, these spiral bound notebooks open completely flat for flexibility. We use a lot of notebooks. Writing an idea down allows us to move onto other thoughts. The spontaneous mixture of thoughts keeps the flow of ideas going. It’s almost impossible to tell how a note that you make today will connect with another idea next week.

Keep organized

The metal binding is partly covered, giving space to label the spine so you can keep them organized side-by-side on a bookshelf.

Use the full page

When the cover is folded back, it sticks out on the bottom giving the hand an edge to rest on. This makes it easier to write to the bottom of the page.

Spiral Bound

This spiral binding allows the notebook to be opened completely and for individual pages to be ripped out.

Pressed Cotton cover

Sturdy Pressed Cotton cover ages beautifully over time as the weave pattern becomes more apparent.

All types of notebooks

When we made these notebooks, there were not many options. There were leather bound notebooks from Italy that felt too precious for daily use and there were purely functional school notebooks, but little in between. 

The size of A5, A6, A7.


Pin-graph paper

Versatile paper with a texture that keeps the pen from slipping too easily and makes it an ideal writing surface to keep thoughts flowing. Suitable for writing or drawing. Page thickness prevents most show-through. This paper is ecologically made and chlorine free. Notebook pages are printed with Pin-graph, Postalco's original 1x1mm blue graph paper.

Video made for Postalco by onnacodomo and DJ Codomo

Learning from Japan

The craftspeople, suppliers, and small workshops found in Japan make things not to be found anywhere else. We are fortunate to work with family businesses that are so focused on their craft. Don’t put Postalco items on a shelf or in a drawer. Their beauty is revealed through daily use. They will help you feel good at home and be ready in a meeting.